How Does a Non-Compete Affect Me If I Leave or Lose My Job?

Under Florida regulation, non-compete agreements are considered restraints of trade and are purely interpreted according to our Statutes. Non-compete arrangements need to have factors to consider to sustain them and should be reasonable in their geographic range and time limits.

Factor to consider

A factor to consider for a non-compete can be the job if entered at the beginning of the task. Otherwise, they generally need to have a few other considerations, like an increase in pay or a reward.


Whether a non-compete is reasonable in its geographic and time ranges depends upon the specific scenario and what interests are to be protected. When I draft a non-compete for a company client, I typically consist of valid explanations of the thinking for these constraints to direct a Court later and boost the record’s enforceability.

it depends on the language in the agreement and the particular circumstances of the situation as to what you can and can refrain from doing. For instance, if there was a composed employment agreement and the company breached that agreement, the non-compete linked to it may not be enforceable. Nonetheless, if there was no such contract as well as you give up, then the non-compete might be enforceable as long as it had the requisite consideration and is reasonable in its constraints.

How non-compete agreements are enforced

Whether the restrictions in a non-compete are reasonable is typically an accurate determination for a Court. Therefore, the author prepares non-compete arrangements with the arranged truths embedded in the paper. Without that, the employer implementing it typically needs to supply additional evidence to show the reasonableness unless it is regarded as sensible by regulation.

Agreements that restrict future work for one year or much less are typically immediately affordable. Those that are between one and two years after employment are generally enforced. Agreements that exceed two years after work go through an assessment by our Courts. That is not to say an employer can’t have a five-year non-compete, and it is just that there needs to be a legally legitimate reason to impose such a limitation on a previous employee.

Non-compete agreements can additionally be briefly suspended if they are gone against. A series of cases in Florida figured out that if an event is based on valid non-compete violations of the agreement, the employer is not obtaining the full benefit of the constraint during the breach, so while that is recurring, the restrictions are typically put on hold up until the violation quits. Then the non-compete restarts from that factor up until it run its course.

What you can and can refrain from relies on the contract you signed and the particular scenarios. Non-compete arrangements may likewise be wed with non-disclosure and also non-solicitation arrangements that will similarly limit the use of knowledge gained throughout work. Non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements are exempt from the very same limitations as non-competes. Also, they are frequently much more comprehensive as they are designed to secure proprietary details of the business.


The very best thing to do is talk to a Board Certified professional in-service litigation or labour and also work regulation before you, as the employee, carry out actions that might subject you to obligation or before you, as the employer, hand a non-compete or non-disclosure to a worker to sign. You can conveniently discover these specialists via the Florida Bar or local Bar Organizations like the Hand Beach County Bar.

As an employer, if you think that a former employee based on a non-compete, non-solicitation, or non-disclosure is going against the arrangement, the most effective initial activity is to seek advice from a Board Certified expert in organization litigation or labour as well as employment regulation. You must recognize your rights and how the legal process applies to these contracts.

You do not wish to prepare these essential records by yourself only to learn later that they are void, enabling your previous staff member to easily compete with your company armed with the knowledge and experience that your organization gave them. Be smart, strategy in advance, and talk to a Florida Bar Board Certified expert in company lawsuits.

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