Applying a UK Spouse Visa For Your Thai Spouse

On your initial or second visit to Thailand, You must have met a wonderful Thai lady who was in love with one with no fuss. We tied the knot in the old-fashioned and beautiful Buddhist manner, following, obviously paying a significant sum in “sin sod” or dowry. It is likely that you also visited the local district office or “Amphoe” to record your wedding to make it legally valid. It was an exciting and rewarding experience. But, your wonderful marriage in Thailand will not be the final chapter of your marital joy and sorrows. It is the beginning of making crucial decisions or finalizing the choices you’ve reached up to now. One of them is the issue of settlement. Are you planning to return to the UK with your Thai spouse and settle down, or are you planning to remain in this Land of Smiles for good? Although the latter may be more appealing for those of you who can quit your steady work within the UK and risk the future of your entire family in Thailand. The result is that bringing your wife back to the UK is the best option, at the very least, for the moment.

The process of applying for a UK spouse visa for your Thai spouse isn’t a small amount, as many people don’t know. It is a common misconception that visas are granted the day following your wedding. It’s not as easy as that. There is a lengthy procedure for visa application that can be a bit difficult in certain instances, especially when you’re making it yourself by using the information you’ve found on the internet. Therefore, it is advised to learn basic knowledge of applying for a visa to enable you to review the application with confidence. It is also advisable to seek the help of a reputable visa agent in the application process. Here is some advice to help you prepare for your UK Visa application for spouses.

UK Spouse Visa Requirements

There are two main requirements that you and your Thai spouse must satisfy when applying for a UK spouse visa. This includes your ongoing marriage and financial situation within the UK. The proof of your marriage requires an Original copy of your wedding certificate. If it’s written in Thai, you must translate it into English and then be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The translation process would apply to all your spouse’s documents that are in Thai. Another piece of evidence you may present are photos taken during your ceremony and your wedding. The proof of an ongoing connection with your partner requires you to provide evidence in correspondence, i.e. letters, emails and postcards, photographs were taken together, as well as the receipts for money transfers, telephone bills, boarding passes to Thailand and hotel reservations. Your relationship must have stood the test time. For instance, say a year or two. It is also necessary to compose a letter about your relationship, describing your highlights, i.e. when you first met and how your relationship has grown.

Your Thai spouse may also have for IOM or an examination to determine if she is suffering from Tuberculosis. The usual procedure is to contact the IOM IOM centre to set up an appointment for her medical check-up. A fee of not less than 22,000 Baht is payable in exchange for the service. You will also have to request a police authorization from Royal Thai Police in Bangkok to prove she is a law-abiding citizen free of criminal convictions. This procedure typically takes two weeks to complete. Take note that medical certificates and police clearance are usually valid for six months. So take note of the dates.

A stable financial standing with the UK as a sponsor is an additional prerequisite to be aware of. The UK government would like to assess your ability to finance your future wife’s move to the country without recourse to public money. To fulfil this requirement, you’ll be required to submit your most recent bank statements from the last six months; at minimum, three pay slips from the last six months Employment letter, House Title deed or mortgage Agreement and photographs of your home (include each room). This is in addition to the endorsement letter that affirms your intention to provide financial support for your wife’s stay at home in the UK. The sponsorship letter should clearly state your intention to have your wife stay in UK UK and your full support for her time in the country.


A systematic approach to studying your UK Visa application for spouses process begins with educating yourself about the requirements, cost, timeframe and process of the application. A thorough understanding of these important issues will help you easily examine the visa application.

The first step is to collect the documents you need, as mentioned above. Suppose important documents are missing, i.e. wedding certificate or marriage license. In that case, it’s best to seek out the appropriate agency of the government to assist you in getting them replaced if you don’t want to have your application rejected later simply because of the absence of the document.

As previously mentioned, the spouse’s Thai documents must be transliterated into English and then legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so expect legalization and translation charges as extra costs.

After all the required documents have been completed and compiled, The visa application is sent to VFS Thailand for initial review. The agency will send applications to the UK Consular Section of the embassy for review and approval of visas. Since December 2008, the UK Spouse visa process has been extended for three months instead of the typical two or three days processing time. If an interview is needed for processing, it will likely be longer. The applicant will be notified when the results of her visa application have been finalized and are available for pickup.

Your spouse is entitled to an extended stay of two years in the UK when she is granted the UK spouse’s visa. The visa permits her to work as long as she has a work permit. She can apply for a permanent residence permit to Britain after two years. The UK within two years.


Reviewing the UK spouse visa Thailand application in your way is an overwhelming task. It’s always recommended to engage the help of a reliable company as well as US Visa lawyers to assist with your visa application. Suppose you’re thinking of applying for a UK Spouse visa shortly. In that case, you should be aware of the criteria mentioned above and begin keeping the evidence that will aid you in your visa application.


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