Denmark Greencard Scheme – Point Based Evaluation

It is a Denmark Greencard Scheme that can be described as an annual residence permit valid for three years and allows those who would like to relocate to Denmark and work there. A person who applies for a Greencard to Denmark after a thorough evaluation process based on a point system. You must earn at least 100 points to get the Greencard for Denmark. The applicant is awarded points based on their education level, language skills, working experience, flexibility and age.

Educational Level: You must submit your certificates and diplomas from your education in addition to your application. Your academic level will be evaluated by SIRIUS, an organisation under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. You must have at least the equivalent of your Danish Bachelor’s degree to be eligible for points for your studies. The points awarded are in the following order:

Bachelor’s degree or a graduate of a medium-length school 30-35 points.Bachelor’s degrees followed by one year Master’s degree 50 points.

Master’s degree: 60 points.

PhD: 80 points.

Two additional factors can help you achieve your education points. They are:

1. If the institution that you studied at is a part of the “Top 400 Universities” list, you earn points according to the following formula:

Top 400 5 points.

Top 200 10 points.

Top 100 15 points.

2. If your study area is one of the fields in which Denmark has shortages of professionals, you can earn bonus points. These fields are currently in the following order:

Academic work


Telecommunications and IT


Social, educational and religious work

Marketing, sales and purchases

Healthcare, health and personal medical

Freight forwarding as well as storage services, post services, engine operation

The tuition and education

Language Skills:

It is essential to learn Danish to be able to communicate when working in Denmark. The four levels of the Danish Proficiency Test are prepared to allow people to test starting at Level 1.

Before beginning the process, you must prove that you’ve completed an exam in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German at an equivalent level, at minimum, Danish Level 1. Test Level 1 (Prove I’m Danish 1). The applicant is eligible to receive a maximum of 30 points to demonstrate language skills.

Work Experience:

Denmark is open to professionals with qualifications from fields with a shortage. The applicant is awarded points based on the working length and the work’s importance.

Points are allocated as follows:

One or two years in the last five years working as a researcher/in a subject that is included as a positive list 10 points.

Three to five years in the last five years as a researcher/in fields that are listed as a positive list 15 points.

Three to five years in the last five years, additional work 5 points.

A candidate can receive 15 points in exchange for work experience.


The points for adaptability are based on the degree to which you can adapt to Danish culture. Danish environment. The applicant may earn points for studies or work.


The applicant may be awarded points based on age. Points are awarded in the following manner:

35-40 years: 10 points.

Ages 34 and younger 15 points or less.

A candidate can receive a maximum of 15 points for the age.

Denmark is a wonderful area to reside in. People living in Denmark are polite, And the place is secure. Having the Denmark Greencard can be the best way to work and have a wonderful experience in a country such as Denmark is a good idea.


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